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How I Became
A Successful
Intimacy Coach

Starting out I was timid about allowing my passionate curiosity to actually became my career... But as each year passes with success I am positive I am building my legacy out of thin air.

I wanted to take my desire and compassion to help people... my love of travel and adventure... and my interest in most things sexual to create a professional classy business that elevates partnerships... And ultimately allows my alter ego the pleasure it needs to play!

I want to be a guide for my clients so they can be confident to have a more delicious sexuality, intimate love and amazing partnerships by bring light and awareness to simple and clear tools they can utilize.

It's still tickles my fancy when people get saucer eyes when I reveal what I do for a living... because they almost always get a little closer and ask how I can help them with an area of struggle.

I have been given the gift of empowerment by my love to give and this has given life to BlaqueIvory, Intimacy Coach.

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