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Did you miss Prep n Play with Blaque Ivory's Lair?

The Meow University hosted the intimate virtual rendezvous accentuating ways to make #DateNight sexy. This erotic journey swan dove into the selection and use of:

  • Aphrodisiacs (drinks and/or food)

Natural Aphrodisiacs are a sizzling topic here in the Lair. As Goddess of Elevation, my key to bringing arousal to the sexual desire is food, libation and the anticipation of pleasure.

Enjoy your fruits, vegetables and delectable treats to naturally increase your sex drive.

Asparagus: Healthy dose of vitamin F over an extended period of weeks can attribute an increase of the sex hormone.

Banana: The phallic shape and potassium delivers muscle strength and passionate fuel to orgasms

Celery: Can increase sexual desire in women by the testosterone like chemical phyto-androgens.

Chocolate: Compounds anandamide & phenylethylamine in cacao are said to induce the feel good hormone serotonin.

Honey: Used to bring romance into marriages. “Mad Honey” has been marketed as a sexual stimulant

Hot Chilies: The capcaicin is the compound that not only gives chilies their spice, they get the heart pumping stimulating nerve endings and blood flow.

Oysters: Being high in zinc boosts semen production and sexual hormones

Pomegranate: The love apple packs a punch to your blood flow and genital sensitivity with high anti-oxidants

Watermelon: Contains citrullline which acts similar to Viagra by relaxing the blood vessels

  • Lingerie, Costumes & Adult Toys for the pre-show and grand finale

Image created by The Meow University

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