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Don't miss... Steel & Stilettos Fitness™

The Meow University is excited to present:

a unique fusion fitness program with a unique blend of body resistance training, low impact cardio, confidence building ​and a whole lot of sexy!

Instructor: Jasmine DeCosta-Johnson

This program is a unique balance of body weight strength training, cardiovascular exercise & sexy movements; with an emphasis on confidence building.

It incorporates fitness activities to strengthen all participants’ needs to strut their stuff, with a sharp focus on glutes, legs, core, and abdominals. High Heels are used in the final segment of the class to allow participants to experience proprioception once targeted muscles have been stimulated. The class combines diverse music genres and tempos, exercises and affirmations throughout; to tone and sculpt mind and body.

What to bring: * Workout gear * Heels that you can move in * Yoga mat

About Steel and Stilettos Fitness:

In 2013 the trio, Jasmine DeCosta-Johnson, Hasan Salaam and Pamela Socorro founded Body Altitudes Health and Fitness Studio in Clearwater, Florida. Body Altitudes was designed as “The Boutique of Fitness”, offering a variety of diverse and exciting classes, much like the owners! Their combined experience in health and wellness allowed for creative approaches to helping their clients meet their goals. The creators were seeking a format that would entice their members to consider strength training, given all the cardio options that were already available.

March 10, 2019

The Meow University Curiosity didn't kill the cat it gave her an orgasm!

For Advertising, Vendor Inquiries Call Kat at 312-476-9869 or email

Refund Policy: If The Meow University™ cancels or reschedules this event, a full refund of amount can be issued back to the student. No refund will be issued due to non-attendance, or in the event of a natural disaster or other act of God.

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