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We are on the count down; only 5 days!!

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Mask N Moan: M&M A Taste Of Sweet Mixed With Nuts

I hope you have your tickets because Fab Fe Forever Entertainment is about to set the pleasure to MELT DOWN with her annual erotic masked event. Wear your mask and get ready to moan as artist steam the room some with words some with dance and some with combination. Grown and Sexy event brought to you by Fab Fe, The Queen of Pornetry. Toy Vendor (Blaque Ivory Lair) and Liquor Vendor (T Shots) will be present also. Cum out and enjoy yourself. Guaranteed to Moan

I'm getting XXXXXcited: This passion that seduces just can't fight it. A Night with me you are INvited Men watch out I might just BITE IT
-Fab Fe

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