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B.L.A.Q.U.E. Ivory's Lair

Believe In Life and work at Achieving Quest for Unity in Everything.

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DLissa U.,


Owner, Lissa Libations

I was a vendor at a Blaque Ivory Lair event and I really didn't know what to expect. But baby IT WAS A SHOW!! Drama, suspense, comedy and sexy all at the same time!!! If I don't get to vend at the next event, I'm definitely buying a ticket, cuz it's well worth it!!


The Fosters,

Chicago, IL

I purchased her weekend getaway bag for a special trip. It still leaves when we go on trips and vacations. Her expertise and product knowledge and depth of alternative uses for injured and aging couples. We enjoy our standing appointments even as an elderly couple in the pandemic we had phone conversation and video appointments. She has been a constant help in lives and this changing world for us to have conversations with like minded adults, her classes and events. Dont know where our love life would be if not for her and her lifestyle brand events.


Al B.,

Chicago, IL

Pre-Covid I attended my first BlaqueIvory event with a friend. It was amazing the number of people who attended. It was very friendly, relaxed and covered sexual subiects focused on BDSM. There were a few live demos which of course I loved. Adult toys were for sale afterwards and I bought one for me and several attendees. If you want to explore sexuality and sensuality, you got to attend one of BlaqueIvory upcoming events. I can't wait until the next one!!!


Teresa J.,

Chicago, IL

Dear BlaqueIvory,


Thank you for your gift of ecstasy. I never knew toys could be so much fun and satisfying at the same time. Now I no longer go to bed unsatisfied! Blaque Ivory's Lair is the best.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Gamer in the Zone

Phillip H.,

Southside Chicago

Blaque Ivory counseled my girlfriend in a class. She allowed her to learn kink & BDSM in safe environment. Now our sex life is better and improving. We see ordinary things in a new light. Toys of punishment and pleasure aren't just store bought but used with imagination.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Kevin H.,

Tacoma, WA

I met this beautiful lady some years ago. I just moved to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) from Memphis TN. She showed me great time for my bday. She has been a truly great friend.

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Image by Riccardo Chiarini

Taliba B,

Chicago, IL

I met BlaqueIvory through The Meow University. She gave demonstrations on the use of items to uplift your sex life. Her goal is to educate you on different things for sensual & sexual pleasure. Excellent teacher because she knows her stuff. I, myself, have purchased items from her. I think she never fails to satisfy her customers. Sexual satisfaction is #1 to her. Get in touch with her through the website, You will not be disappointed.

Serving Whiskey

Pharaoh the Wordsmith,

Chicago, IL

I have worked with Blaque Ivory's Lair for the last 10 years. Her projects are very organic and sensual. She's honest and girl next door relatable. Her energy lights a room up and she know her topics and presentations are always top of the line.

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